About Us

What is the Beautiful Gate, Bible College/Seminary.

The Beautiful Gate, Bible College/Seminary is a world wide word application “training center. The bible and it's truths are the structural foundation for the university. The percepts” revealed throughout God's Word are taught here and then translated into “life applications” for the students.

The word itself teaches that one is to “be transformed” by the truths found in scripture. Therefore Beautiful Gate, Bible College/Seminary promotes the growth of “spiritual transformation” which brings liberation, understanding, and fruitfulness.

The Beautiful Gate, Bible College/Seminary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the true call of “higher learning” based solely on the teaching found in the Word of God. Our school offers degree and non-degree programs for students interested in advancing in the work of the Kingdom. Our campuses span three continents: the United States, India and Africa. In addition to our on-campus training, we offer satellite campuses in various locations to enable learning for those unable to attend the main headquarters.

Our goal is to prepare and equip every Christian for the fulfillment of the great commission of Christ as found in Mark 16:15-20.

Our Mission Statement

The Beautiful Gate Bible College/Seminary of higher learning in Christian Ministry and is uniquely designed to educate and equip individuals to live victorious lives. Our goal is to help believers recognize their unique skills and identify their ministry calling in the body of Christ. From this foundation, students are taught to become disciples themselves and then to “go forth” baptizing, spreading the gospel, and making disciples throughout the world!

Our mission efforts are to

  • Teach the Word of God as the sole source of truth in this world.
  • Provide training in the areas of prayer, spiritual warfare, and personal disciplines.
  • Nurture the Spiritual growth of all students.
  • Lead students to walk in the power of the anointing of God.
  • Raise up teachers, preachers, prophets, and evangelists to be sent forth.