About This Course

Special Note: Some topics will be taught on all levels. Without this information, a student will not be able to successfully comprehend other teachings in the course catalogue. As led by the Holy Ghost, students at each level will receive teaching that will enhance and embrace their growth level.


Certain prerequisites are necessary for entry into the Beautiful Gate, Bible College/Seminary. All applicants must be sure that they have fulfilled the requirements listed below, before submitting their application. First, the most important event that should occur in your life is that you must be in the Kingdom of God. If you are seeking to learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit without experiencing salvation, then this is not the University for you.

You need to:
  • Be saved.
  • Repent and continue to live a repentant lifestyle.
  • Desire to thirst and hunger after righteousness.
  • Desire to be continually changed from your old nature to the nature of God.
  • Be a doer and not just a hearer only.
  • Be willing to study to show yourself approved.

  • 501: School of Prayer
  • 502: School of Deliverance
  • 503: School of Healing
  • 504: School of Evangelism
  • 505: School of Christian Living
  • 506: School of Prophets
  • 602: School of Missions
  • 603 School of Disciples
  • 604 School of Deliverance
  • 605 School of Ministry
  • 606 School of Prayer
  • 607 School of Healing
  • 608 School of Christian Education
  • 609 Thesis/Research Project